Telling a Story to Demystify the Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic Unveiled Video

Challenge (college assignment): Use an external tool to create a short video that tells a story showing the value a social media network (Senior Care Share) offers ‘sandwich’ generation adults caring for their senior parents.  Use the medium to show: a scenario rich in human factors; participants thinking on multiple levels; progression in the experience; and logic that will bring them back to the social media network.

Implementing a Solution:  To demonstrate this niche social network’s value, I showed how it might help caregivers introduce sleep apnea, a health condition many aging adults face, to an older family member/loved one.  I researched the issue, drafted a script, developed the scenes and used PowToon to create a progressive narrative between Josie and her senior citizen father.  In this story, Josie turns to Senior Care Share to help explain testing for sleep apnea to her apprehensive father. (Click on the image above the run this 3 minute video.)

Results:  This video earned a 96% grade for an interactive narrative course assignment.