Applying Usability Science to the Ontario Science Centre Site

Challenge (College Assignment):Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre aims to delight, inform and challenge the communities it serves by enriching people’s lives and understanding through engagement with local, national and globally relevant science.

It must continue to serve and recruit new members to help fund its services. To help achieve this goal, it offers gift memberships at its three key levels through online and channels. Functionality and usability of the online gift purchase program has a direct impact on revenue.

My challenge was to conduct a usability analysis of this online process and recommend improvements that can ultimately boost revenue.


The following steps were taken to complete this usability assessment:

  • Developed the test scenario and drafted the script
  • Conduct testing on six participants and document results
  • Analyzed results
  • Drafted comprehensive summary report

Please download the attached Summary Report to review the testing process, results, analysis and summary recommendations.

Results: This Usability Assessment was prepared as a course assignment, which earned a grade of 94%.